June 21-22, 2004 - du 21 au 22 juin 2004 E-commerce to e-economy - du commerce électronique à la cyber-économie
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e-Commerce to e-Economy: Strategies for the 21st Century

September 27-28, 2004, Ottawa

e-Commerce to e-Economy: Strategies for the 21st Century is a two-day, national conference, hosted by Industry Canada in cooperation with partners and sponsors. This exclusive event will bring leaders from business, government and the research community together to discuss and develop a shared strategic vision for Canada's economic future.

The spread of Internet-based technologies throughout society has become the dominant economic reality of the 21st century. The e-economy - the use of information and communication technologies for product and process innovation across all sectors of the economy - has emerged as the primary engine of productivity and growth for the global economy. Successful economic strategies will enhance our capacity to adopt and exploit these technologies to create competitive advantage.

The goals of the conference are to:

  • Highlight the importance of the Internet and e-business to productivity, competitiveness and economic growth;
  • Assess Canada's progress as an e-economy, its future challenges and opportunities;
  • Establish strategic priorities for government, business, and academia.

This conference builds on a series of thematic workshops to review Canada's e-economy strategies and define their next iterations.

The location of the conference has been carefully selected - the Brookstreet Hotel, located in the heart of Ottawa's high-tech community, is the pre-eminent boutique hotel, meeting place and resort in the National Capital Region.

For more information on the conference contact Jennifer Kealey, (613) 993-6364, [email protected]


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